Hair Wars!

I love bows and hair clips and little pig tails... but you know who doesn't?  Zoey!  That's right, my own child hates me doing her hair and it's so frustrating.  No amount of distractions (cookies, Mickey, cell phones, iPad, etc.) will allow me enough time to get it pulled up.  
As you can see from the war zone pictured above I was able to get her hair pulled back, but I know it can be so much prettier and neater.  But the problem is, I don't have any time to pull it up!
Let's just say the end result is so cute, but after a few minutes of her running around or riding in the car I get the results of the bottom picture where it's pretty much falling out.  There is no way she will let me fix it, that would just result in another battle and the first one was hard enough.
I must say, even though Zoey puts on such a battle and the end result is a hot mess, she still looks so adorable.  I can only hope that in a few months she will be more cooperative when it comes to me doing her hair.  Let's face it, I have an Etsy shop dedicated to bows and headbands.  She can't be on this bow strike forever.
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  1. Ok. I'm officially a total stalker. And zoey is the CUTEST! We have the opposite problem. My tot demands her hair be done daily "like rapunzel mommy".

    1. Thank you so much! I wish she wanted her hair to be done. I can't figure out what to do to distract her!