Bump Watch - 25 & 26 Weeks

Once again, I am so far behind on posting my bump progress.  It probably has to do with the fact that I take the pictures a few days into the week and then rush off to work for the day.  So this week I decided to piece 2 weeks together!

Weight Gain: 22lbs+ (and a passed glucose test!)
Maternity Clothes: Of course.  It's so hot here right now that I will do anything to be in skirts or shorts. 
Sleep: Not too bad.  My arms keep falling asleep from laying on my side all night.  
Movement: Lots! This little guy moves around a lot more than Zoey ever did, or that I can remember.  Makes me worried for whats to come. 
Cravings: Chocolate, cold chocolate.  So anything chocolate that comes from the freezer goes straight to the belly. 
Next Appointment: Mid-May.  Should be quick and painless. 
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