It's been a long time...

I am not even sure how long, to be exact.   For a while now, I have been talking to myself (I do that a lot) about starting to blog again.  Last time it was all food and yummy goodness, but let's be real... I suck at cooking.   The Yummy Dummy was a good starting point for me, but ever since Zoey was born, cooking has stopped being an enjoyment and more of task.

Don't get me wrong, I still love baking and hope to continue to bake and post about my baking adventures, but let's face it... my focus has changed dramatically.

My focus has shifted from the kitchen to the living room and workspace.  I spend most of my time, if not at work, with my family, which I love.  Developing A Spoonful of Zucker is a place for me to post all the awesomeness that is my family, my life and a way for all of my friends and family to keep up with it all!

So what has happened since The Yummy Dummy went MIA?

I became the Freshman cheer coach at California High School in San Ramon. I was there for 3 wonderful years, but stopped once I had Zoey. (2009)

We bought a home! It's cute right?  Obviously it needed a lot of work... I think this happened after the last time I posted on The Yummy Dummy.  I think we were rocking the apartment life during that era.   (2009)

Zack got a NEW job!  He had been doing a lot of contracting work for various companies, so it was nice for him to find something solid and steady. (2011)

We found out we were pregnant and so excited to start a family!  We couldn't wait for October to roll around so we could meet our little girl! (2012)

I became 20-30's President for the Luso-American Organization and spent the following year traveling throughout California visiting different Luso Regions and meeting new friends. (2012)

We had a baby on September 23, 2012! Obviously, a lot of you know this already.  We have a beautiful baby girl named Zoey Paige.  She is 18 months and a ball of joy.  Every day she is surprising us with new words and habits. Every day we are so thankful to have her in our lives. (2012)

I started my own Etsy Shop!  I became obsessed with making Zoey headbands to match all of her outfits that I decided to open up shop.  ZoZu Baby was born and my hobby continued! (2013)

Zoey had her first plane ride and traveled to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Arizona!  She loved it, of course, and was spoiled rotten, like always! (2013)

Enjoyed a family vacation to Lake Tahoe!  This was our first real trip with Zoey and it was such a fun one.  We spent 4th of July with my sister and her family in Incline Village.  While it was tough to make the long car ride with Zoey, it was totally worth it. (2013)
I got a new job!  I had been working for 6 1/2 years for the same company and am so thankful for everything I learned from them, but knew it was time to spread my wings.  So I took a leap and applied for an Event Coordinator position at a company that I had been admiring for a long time.  I am so glad that I took that leap because I got the job and have been loving every minute of it! (2013)

Zoey celebrated her 1st Birthday!  We threw her a Pink Lemonade themed party that was so much fun. We had hamburgers, mac and cheese, and of course CUPCAKES.  I went a little Pinterest crazy and loved how it all came out! (2013)

We had to say goodbye to our dear friend Memphis.  :(  Sadly, he was diagnosed with cancer in June 2013 and we were only told that he had a month to live.  To our surprise he lasted 4 months and got to spend his last months enjoying lots of treats, traveling to Lake Tahoe and getting lots of hugs and kisses. (2013)

We found out we were pregnant, AGAIN!  I know what you're thinking, "ALREADY?"  We couldn't be more excited.  We think Zoey is going to make a great big sis to her littler brother! Thanks Corinne McCombs for the awesome photos as always! (2013)

Went back to Lake Tahoe for our first snow trip!  Zoey wasn't 100% in love with the snow... we weren't having a good month, really.  Let's call it a dark time. But once she gave the snow sled a chance she seemed to have lots of fun! (2014)

Zack got another NEW job!  He is now happily working at Work Day in Pleasanton.  The shorter commute is pretty nice! (2014)

Well, I think that's it... like the big stuff.  There were so many other little things that happened and I would love to go in to detail with them all, but honestly that is what facebook is for!  Anyways, I hope you stick around and enjoy!
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