Bump Watch - 24 Weeks

I have been behind on posting these.  Tomorrow I will actually be 25 weeks... so I thought, I better put this one up now!

Weight Gain: 22lbs (I was wrong last week.  I went to the doctors yesterday and that was the gain amount they gave me. I will take it!)
Maternity Clothes: Of course.  That's all that will cover this belly. 
Sleep: Back on schedule.  Some nights I find myself awake, but that's my own fault. 
Movement: Big kicks this time. I feel like they are pretty low, too.
Cravings: Last night I was totally craving frozen yogurt, but we already put Zoey to bed.. so Zack,  being the awesome husband he is, went and got us some Ben & Jerry's Fro Yo!
Next Appointment: In a month. My next adventure is the glucose test in the next two weeks.  Wish me luck!
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